Botox Treatment Los Angeles

My clients are wonderful people whom I have had the priviledge to meet. I appreciate each and
every person I work with and am more thankful than they will ever know.


I have a friend who is  an entertainment journalist.... she knows all of Hollywood's Celebrity insider beauty secrets. When she told me about Dr. Vallecillos, I knew he must be the Best of the Best.
I was a bit nervous as this was the first time I was getting  injectables (Botox and Rejuvaderm) We spoke for quite awhile of what I was wishing to achieve. I wanted to have my lips plumped, but was fearful, as I had seen many "duck lips" in Hollywood. Dr.Vallecillos  assured me that he would give my lips a natural and youthful appearance.
He answered all of my questions and I felt completely at ease. Did I mention that he is a perfectionist...a good thing when you are having work done on your face!! 
Fast forward five years, I have been seeing Dr. Vallecillos  twice a year for what I call my Spring and Holiday sparkle magic. I secretly call him Dr. Lips lips look natural yet very sexy and youthful! I have highly recommended him all my friends and family.
He recently did some surgery on a dear friend who had gone through some very challenging times. Her before and after was nothing short of miraculous. The best part is she feels and looks 10 years younger!
Thank you Dr. Vallecillos... You are The Best!
Nicole Pigeault
Los Angeles, California

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